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How to reset Toshiba Satellite BIOS password

[ad#neirong]In the previous post I’ve written about How to update your BIOS easily and safely, in this, I will share nice tips on How to reset Toshiba Satellite BIOS password, and it may help hundreds of people in the future.

For most of users, the common BIOS’s include IBM, American Megatrends Inc, Award and Phoenix. And the best method to reset a BIOS password depends on what BIOS the computer has. Different BIOS has different ways to reset the password. Some BIOS allow you to require a password be entered before the system will boot, while some before the BIOS setup may be accessed.

There are many ways to , Take Toshiba Satellite PC or laptop for example.

1. Through backdoor password

Some BIOS manufacturers implement a backdoor password. The backdoor password is a BIOS password that works, no matter what the user sets the BIOS password to. These passwords are typically used for testing and maintenance. The Toshiba Satellite Manufacturer backdoor password is “Toshiba”. This BIOS password may simply have the same checksum as the real backdoor BIOS password.

Press F2 to Bios, When the BIOS prompts you to enter a password; entering “Toshiba” may allow you to access your PC and clear the old BIOS password. Another option is to hold the left “Shift” key down while booting.

2. By removing the CMOS battery

The simplest way to remove Toshiba Satellite BIOS password is to remove the CMOS battery. The BIOS password is stored in CMOS memory that is maintained while the PC is powered off by a small battery, which is attached to the motherboard. If you remove this battery, all CMOS information (including the BIOS password) will be lost. You will need to re-enter the correct CMOS setup information to use the machine. The machines owner or user will most likely be alarmed when it is discovered that the BIOS password has been deleted.

This should not be performed on laptops if you are not experienced working with laptop hardware. Open up the computer case and find the metallic CMOS battery. Once you have located it, make sure to power down the computer, unplug the power cables and any USB devices if they are powered. The computer must not be able to get power from anywhere for this to work. Take out the CMOS battery and wait 10-25 minutes before putting it back in.

3. Use BIOS password Recovery.

If the above tips don’t work, and you don’t want to call a technique. I am afraid you need to find a bios password recovery for help. We should know that every system must store the BIOS password information somewhere. If you can log into the computer after it has been booted successfully, you may be able to view the BIOS password. The memory address where the BIOS password is stored and the format in which the BIOS password is stored, you should know them clearly. This is what the BIOS password Recovery works. If you still have not way to do, download The BIOS Password Recovery to reset your Toshiba Satellite BIOS password.

Then plug everything back in, power up the computer and enter the BIOS again. If everything went well, there should be no more passwords.

Resetting BIOS password is not an easy job. If you can’t do that or the above tips won’t help, ask a Technician to help.

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